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Security leasing and Fire system leasing options throughout the UK and The Republic of Ireland.

Leasing options for security / fire and commercial industry are becoming more and more popular. Having the option to pay for equipment / systems over 3 or 5 years can be an attractive option for your clients. They are more likely to be interested in paying smaller instalments for the equipment / systems they need than paying a large sum, leaving a dent in their budget.

Quoting leasing examples can often help you clinch the deal. In the current economic climate, a leasing option is often a more palatable alternative to cash purchase. When providing a quote to your client why not include a 3- and 5-year leasing option? With no large initial outlay, it is easier for the customer to budget and allows you to up-sell for not a lot more.

Leasing for capital equipment relating to business requirements.

Security / Fire and commercial installations and equipment / Fire Doors / sprinkler systems /Roller Shutter Doors / Emergency Lighting / Telephone systems Air conditioning/ Broadcast Systems /IT /CCTV/ Access Control /Barriers /Gates / Security Fencing, Hotel refurbishment.

Office / hotel furniture and business machinery, including cherry pickers and scissor lifts.


As a leasing broker I am available 7 days a week as I know there are many in business that work weekends and evening pricing jobs and tenders.

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Security Leasing UK

What are the benefits?

“Currently over 30% of all CCTV is on leasing.”

The benefits of leasing for both the installer and the end user can be found here.


CCTV Leasing

“Leasing options help spread the cost for your clients on their CCTV systems.”

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Air Conditioning Leasing

“Leasing options help spread the cost for your clients on their Air Con systems.”

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Fire System Leasing

“Leasing options help spread the cost for your clients on their Fire systems.”

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Access Control Systems Leasing

“Leasing options help spread the cost for your clients on their Access Control solutions.”

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Hydraulic Access Platforms and Scissor lifts

For engineers working at heights click here.


Veritas Fire Support Services

As part of your business funding plan have you checked that your mandatory requirements for a Fire Risk Assessment are in order and up to date, as a partner of Security Leasing Veritas can help with this where required under the BAFE SP205 third party certification scheme –